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I hate you both

To Him,
You hurt me, you hit me when you promised you wouldn' made me cry and you were never worth my tears. You had no right to sleep at my side but yet I let you, because I was decieved. I was hurt before, and thanks to my naivity and trusting nature I was hurt again. This time it's shame on me, I let it happen.
I have the greatest friends in the world though, I must say. They care about me, and they're not going to let your presence linger around my aura any longer. You're existance is merely pittied by me, not desired any longer.
This is not justice, this is abstract qualities in will not be beaten, as I once was, you will not be raped, as I once was, you will not feel the burning sensation upon your open flesh, as I once did. You will be spared, but only because I enjoy playing the martyr, not to you, because as I am so delighted to say this time it was not your fault it was mine.
You were a mistake, a small infraction upon my life and I am able to go on without you, but how will you go on without someone to hurt, someone to punish for your pain? Hopefully you won't.  For all it's worth
Vinny, I hate you.


To Her,
Do you know what it's like to be on the outside looking in? Watching the small fortune you have wither and die? You do not, because you are on the inside causing my fortune to die.  You have burdened someone dear to me with lies and deciet and he can not see it, you have blinded him with this treachory you call Love. Love is not the ability to bask in the glory of his defeat, you have won against no one and I will not let you win. Consider me an opponent, I fight not for his heart but for his life and willingness to be happy.
You are more than decietful in this, I must say, you are talented. If you can consider adultery a talent.  I pitty you, you deserve that which I had, you make women look evil, you make pain seem easy, because you do not feel it.
You have no conscience, no sense of right and wrong, you are fake.  The abuse you claim to have suffered, you never have. And I stand in disbelief as the largest abhorance for you grows and grows. You will never share the pain I have suffered, but you shall cause it to him.
For all it is worth,
Nicole, I hate you

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