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May Diana Save this Wretch

I actually wrote out this letter and I'm going to give it to him today...
It was written out of anger, hatred, and spite for him and all he has done to me.
May Diana Save Him.


 You love me but you say the most treachorous of things allowing your words to wound my heart. I shall not allow this demeaning nature of your to scar beyond my flesh once more; I rid myself of you and all you aspire to be.
You see, Vincent, everything you claim to be, you are not. I enjoy the hunt, the lavish screams of man, you pretend you are a killer.  We hold nothing in common. I myself, are far more noble in my ways, I remain loyal, and faithful to my heart while you, Vincent, are far more liberal in manner.  You construct yourself in such an absurd manner that of an ape, and I can not associate with such a vile creature any longer, Master shall not allow it.
 I am not sure exactly which step you took caused you to plummit into a deep abyss, there were too many. But alas now you cascade in darkness. You held my faith in the trunk of your car, my hope in your perpetual stare, and the remainder of my esteem in your unforgiving hands. My rapture was your fault, but pity me not, for I am to escape from you.
I never expected you to be perfect Vincent, only self-assured. And what little pride I had left in myself you took and burned upon a stake. My eyes are burdened with sorrow for you, and that sorrow you can not escape. Love has been lost upon this instance and I forgive you not.
You are free to walk upon this earth without my hand upon yours. I pray for you.   I pray you find it in your heart to love Diana as much as you say you once loved me. Let go.

Farewell and Blessed be,
Watch me fade,
I wash my hands of thee.

The Fool

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